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High power ultrasonic transducer

High power ultrasonic transducer
Ultrasonic energy fusion transducer
, working principle similar to the cleaning transducer, also counteracts the expansion stress of the piezoelectric ceramic by prestressing force, to achieve the large amplitude ultrasonic vibration.Because the welding transducer requires very high instantaneous power, it is highly demanding for materials and technology, and belongs to high-power acoustic wave energy amplifier. It is usually combined with the ultrasonic horn and the working head to make up the vibration system with high power and large amplitude to complete the ultrasonic welding of the materials such as plastic and metal.Ultrasonic welding is the ultrasonic vibration generated by the transducer, and the high frequency frictional heat is generated on the contact surface of the soldered object under the pressed state, so as to achieve the goal of thermal fusion welding. Ultrasonic focused energy transducers are high-power type ultrasonic transducers that operate in gaps or pulses, and generally calculate their power size  with instantaneous peak power.

Ultrasonic energy fusion transducer features:
1. Low resonant impedance, high mechanical quality factor, high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency, large amplitude;
2. Small heat, a wide range of appropriate temperature; small performance drift, work stability;
3,.The material reliability is good, and the transducer has a long service life.

ultrasonic energy fusion transducer precautions for use:
1. the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer, horn and tool head should be matched. In general, the frequency of the horn and the tool head should be slightly lower than the frequency of the transducer; should ensure the vertical and flatness of the connecting surface , and add the torque should be appropriate.
2. Ultrasonic transducer electrode pads must be welded reliably and covered with vibration reducing glue.
3.ultrasonic transducer use temperature should be lower than 60 °C, input power should be lower than rated power.

High power ultrasonic transducer
High power ultrasonic transducer
High power ultrasonic transducer
High power ultrasonic transducer

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