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28khz/40khz Handheld ultrasonic spot welding machine

28khz/40khz Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine
 Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine, also known as hand-held ultrasonic spot welder, ultrasonic spot welder, riveting welder, ultrasonic wave spot welder, can be used for butt welding of thermoplastics, can also be replaced according to customer needs for welding head, used for riveting, spot welding, embedded, Cutting and other processing techniques, compared to other traditional techniques (such as adhesive, electro-seal or screw fastening, etc.).  Remarkable advantages such as high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and saving.
The hand-held ultrasonic plastic welding machine can also be used for welding, riveting, spot welding, as well as the Mosaic and edge pressing process between metal and plastic parts, the backward process of pasting with chemical organic melting point agent was eliminated. It has low energy consumption, high efficiency, non deformation, no pollution, firm welding, convenient operation and so on.The handle can also be made into a pistol. By pressing the plastic part with the hand-held part and pressing the ultrasonic switch at the same time, ultrasonic waves can be emitted for welding. Studies have shown that the use of hand held ultrasonic welding machines in the plastics industry has become increasingly common throughout the world. Because the application of this technology can replace the flux, adhesive, button or other mechanical fixing method needed in the past, the production efficiency and cost are reduced.
Ultrasound can not only be used to weld metals, hard thermoplastics, but also fabrics and films. The hand-held ultrasonic welding machine can replace different ultrasonic welding heads according to the size and welding requirements of the riveting point of the product to be welded, which is quick and convenient, and the cost is much lower than the special automobile door ultrasonic welding machine, and meets the needs of customers.
Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine features:
  • Small product size and easy operation;
  • Using module integrated circuit, strong power output;
  • Built-in automatic protection circuit, safe use, stable and reliable work;
  • Firm welding surface, high strength, beautiful and environment-friendly;
  • Fast and convenient.
28khz/40khz Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine
28khz/40khz Portable ultrasonic spot welding machine

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