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Industrial ultrasonic atomization transducer

Industrial ultrasonic atomization transducer
High frequency oscillations of electrons (oscillating frequency of 1.7MHz or 2.4MHz, over human hearing range, no harm to human beings and animals), through high frequency resonance of a ceramic atomizer, scatter the molecular structure of liquid water to produce natural flowing water mist, without heating or adding any chemical reagents.Compared with the heated atomization method, energy is saved by 90%. In addition, during the atomization process, a large amount of negative ions will be released, which will produce electrostatic reactions with smoke, dust and the like floating in the air to precipitate them. At the same time, harmful substances such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and bacteria can be effectively removed, and the air can be purified. Reduce the incidence of disease.

Industrial ultrasonic atomization transducer features:
  • Better adaptability to atomized water quality, the same atomizer  use pure water or tap water can work normally.
  • The application range of the power supply is wide, which ensures that the product can still be used normally in situations where there is a large change in utility power.
  • Equipped with a power polarity protection circuit, can prevent the user from reversing and damaging the product (does not work when reversed).
  • The single nozzle circuit adopts independent design, and adopts an over-current protection circuit , avoid the damage of the power supply due to the burnout of a certain nozzle, and does not affect the normal operation of other nozzles.
  • The current of the whole machine is less affected by the voltage and temperature. Because the current in each nozzle is automatically adjusted by the electrons, the current will decrease with the increase of the temperature (does not affect the amount of fog), avoids the power tube will be seriously heated and the current increase causes a vicious circle and damages the atomizer。
  • This product adopts a metal shell with high thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength, which reduces the temperature difference between the inside of the host and the water, thus prolonging the service life of the product.
Industrial ultrasonic atomization transducerIndustrial ultrasonic atomization transducerIndustrial ultrasonic atomization transducerIndustrial ultrasonic atomization transducerIndustrial ultrasonic atomization transducer
Industrial ultrasonic atomization transducer

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