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Micro ultrasonic generator
In 2018, in order to adapt to the price competition in the domestic market, our company introduced a low cost generator. The generator is easy to operate, can be operated at startup, and can be adjusted for frequency and current. The frequency can be adjusted from 20khz-40khz and the power can be 200W-600W. 

Micro ultrasonic generator (power supply) application:
Mainly applicable to:Batch workpiece cleaning,Such as mechanical parts, auto parts, stainless steel cutlery, parts before plating cleaning, straps, hardware mechanical parts, filter core, silicon wafers, lenses, frames, jewelry, glassware, surgical instruments, motor rotors, stators, exchangers, Radiator, furniture fittings, aluminum-iron-copper crimping parts, ductile iron parts, cylinder parts, housings, piston rings, hydraulic machinery, compressors, engine parts, etc. The cleaning of the process or terminal in the process of production and processing is of high efficiency and good effect. It has an amazing effect on the ordinary methods such as oil, wax and dust on the workpiece.

Micro ultrasonic generatorMicro ultrasonic generatorMicro ultrasonic generator
Micro ultrasonic generator

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