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Multi-function ultrasonic generator
This generator is the latest machine of our company in 2018. It can realize four ultrasonic driving modes by converting variable waveforms, which are divided into: ultrasonic, sweep frequency, degassing and deburring. The ultrasonic frequency has a common frequency of 28KHz, 40KHZ, and other frequencies such as 17khz, 20KHZ, 33KHZ, 54KHZ, 68KHZ, 80KHZ, 100KHZ, 120KHZ and so on can selectable. Suitable for users from different regions of the world to buy.

Multi-function ultrasonic power supply (generator) Features:
Ultrasonic cleaning has higher washing rate, less residue, shorter cleaning time and better cleaning effect than other cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning has a cleaning effect on all the parts that are immersed in the liquid. It is not subject to the shape of the surface of the cleaning member, such as deep holes, slits, and grooves, which can be cleaned. Since the ultrasonic generator uses Class D work amplification, the transducer has high electroacoustic efficiency, Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning has the effect of high efficiency and energy saving. It is a truly high-speed, high quality, easy to achieve automatic cleaning technology. If the cleaning agent uses non ODS cleaning agent, it has the function of green environmental protection. Ultrasonic cleaning has good cleaning effect on glass, metal and other objects, and is not suitable for materials with strong sound absorption, such as textiles, porous foam plastics and rubber products.
Multi-function ultrasonic generator
Multi-function ultrasonic generatorMulti-function ultrasonic generator
Multi-function ultrasonic generator
Multi-function ultrasonic generator

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