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Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel

Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel
Ultrasonic reactor is mainly applied to the cleaning of inner wall of various kinds of tubes and containers, such as ultrasonic cleaning in boiler, ultrasonic cleaning in vacuum / pressure situation, cleaning of inner wall of metal pipe, and high power acoustic chemical treatment, such as extraction and separation of traditional Chinese medicine, synthesis and degradation, bio oil production, microorganism treatment and toxic organic degradation. Pollutants, biodegradation, biological cell smashing, dispersion and agglomeration, etc.

Ultrasonic reactor principle:
Ultrasonic reactor use ultrasonic waves to pulverize insoluble solids (or liquids, which are generally considered to be ultrasonic cavitation effects.Ultrasonic cavitation effect means that under the action of strong ultrasonic waves, a large number of bubbles will be generated in the liquid. The small bubbles will gradually grow and increase with the ultrasonic vibration, then suddenly burst and split, and the bubbles after the split will continue to grow and burst. When these small bubbles collapse rapidly, high temperature and high pressure are generated in the bubble, and the liquid around the bubble rushes into the bubble at a high speed, and a strong local shock wave is generated in the liquid near the bubble, thereby forming a local high temperature and high pressure, thereby forming a local high temperature and high pressure, which produces the effect of ultrasonic crushing and emulsification.
Main technical indicators of ultrasonic reactor:
1. Optional frequency range: 20KHz ~ 28KHz.
2. Common frequency: 20kHz.
3. Power per unit: 500W, 1000W, 1500W. The lower the frequency, the larger the power per unit; the higher the frequency, the smaller the power per unit. It can also be used in multiple units.
4.Tool head (probe) material: stainless steel, titanium alloy, can also be customized according to user's special requirements.
Ultrasonic reactor for biodieselUltrasonic reactor for biodieselUltrasonic reactor for biodiesel
Ultrasonic reactor for biodiesel

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