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Cyclic filtration ultrasonic cleaner

Cyclic filtration ultrasonic cleaner
Circulating filter ultrasonic cleaning machine, hardware oil removal single slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, hardware polishing single groove ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Cyclic fiftration ultrasonic cleaner product features:
1.Structure composition: the cleaning machine mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, transducer, cleaning tank, circulating filter system, automatic temperature control heating system, frame, control system and so on.
2.Main technical requirements of the equipment: Ultrasonic: using the bottom shock plate, a total of 40 shock heads, power 2400W, frequency: 28KHZ, power continuously adjustable, displayable; frequency can be fine-tuned; equipped with scanning circuit, and with current size indication Tables, can be controlled separately.

Ultrasonic control system: This machine is equipped with cleaning time display, cleaning time alarm, temperature using digital display control. Application range: hardware, electronics, watches, machinery, tools, glasses, jewellery, semiconductor silicon, polyester spray, silk board and polyester filter core and glassware and other cleaning. Note: all kinds of non-standard sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Cyclic filtration ultrasonic cleaner
Cyclic filtration ultrasonic cleaner
Cyclic filtration ultrasonic cleaner

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