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Square piezo ceramic

Square piezo ceramic
In medicine, the doctor puts the piezoelectric ceramic probe on the examination site of the human body, sends out the ultrasonic wave after being energized, transmits it to the human body and produces the echo after encountering the body's tissue. Then receive the echo and the doctor can understand the internal condition of the human body.

On the Submarine that dive into the deep sea, equipped with the sonar systems which people called underwater scouts. It is an indispensable equipment for underwater navigation, communications, reconnaissance of enemy ships, sweeping enemy mines, and a powerful tool for the development of marine resources. It can detect fish and explore the topography of the sea floor. In this type of sonar system, there is a pair of bright "eyes" - piezoelectric ceramic underwater acoustic transducer. When the sound signal emitted by the underwater acoustic transducer hits a target, a reflection signal is generated. This reflection signal is received by another receiving underwater acoustic transducer, and the target is found. At present, piezoelectric ceramics is one of the better materials for producing underwater acoustic transducers.

Square piezo ceramic
Square piezo ceramicSquare piezo ceramic
Square piezo ceramic

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