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Long piezo ceramic
In medicine, the doctor puts the piezoelectric ceramic probe on the examination site of the human body, sends out the ultrasonic wave after being energized, transmits it to the human body and produces the echo after encountering the body's tissue. Then receive the echo and the doctor can understand the internal condition of the human body.

In industry, there are piezoelectric ceramic components in geophones that can be used to determine the geological conditions of the formation and identify underground deposits.

In the household goods, the TV set transformer- piezoelectric ceramic transformer, has smaller volume and lighter weight, and the efficiency can reach 60% to 80%. It can withstand the high pressure of 30 thousand volts, which keeps the voltage stable and completely eliminates the defects of the fuzzy distortion of the TV image.

Long piezoceramic
Square piezo ceramicSquare piezo ceramic
Long piezo ceramic

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